Thursday, June 14, 2007

RTS Games

Many people talk about and play "RTS" games. But what is an RTS game, you ask?

RTS stands for Real-Time Strategy. This includes games like Age of Empires, Red Alert, and Starcraft. The "real time" part means that the game is not played in turns, but rather moving around constantly on a battlefield, so you can attack as fast as possible, and your opponents can do the same. This is opposed to "turn-based" games (such as Fire Emblem and Advance Wars), which allow you and your opponents to take turns attacking so that things are more "fair"; however, some feel that real time games are more realistic and add an intuitive "on-the-fly" element to strategic gaming. Strategy games in general differ from puzzles or other similar games in that they require a lot of in-depth thinking about how the units or characters move about and what types of units they work better against. Before getting into RTS games, it is helpful to know what they are. If you like to think and plan attacks, then RTS games, or strategy games in general, are for you.