Saturday, January 15, 2011

Postponed, not cancelled

As you may have guessed from the lack of regular updates, progress on Hypershift has ground to a screeching halt. The project hasn't been cancelled, but rather postponed until I can find more time to work on it.

So to reward all the faithful readers out there (if there are any) I will now describe the second of the three bonus game modes. In the last post, I mentioned arcade mode, where the game randomly picks a map, and you have to do the best you can given three dimensions along which creeps will attack. Arcade is a timed mode, where each successive level gives you less time, and bombards you with more creeps. They also become harder to kill as they begin to come from more dimensions at once, forcing you to switch dimensions faster or alter your strategy in some other way.

In survival mode, you will have to survive increasingly difficult "tiers" of 4 waves each, with each new wave adding another dimension, though the creeps will remain roughly the same. Then after the first 4 waves, the number of available dimensions will reset back to 2, and tougher creeps will begin arriving. There will be no time limit in this mode, so managing your resources wisely will become far more important.

A glimpse of the future: in the next post, I will hopefully have some progress to share, as well as explaining the final bonus game mode. A demo may be closer than you'd think, so keep an eye out.