Saturday, August 14, 2010

Frogatto & Friends Review

Taking a break from my usual posts about Hypershift, time to review a game that has just entered the PC and iPhone scene.

Frogatto and Friends is a wondrous little game about the adventures of a cute little frog. It has the nostalgic feel of an old school game, yet it plays like a modern platformer, with its own unique twists and surprises. It has little bits of popular classic games, like Super Metroid, Zelda, Kirby, and Super Mario Brothers, lovingly and cleverly woven into the gameplay. So cleverly, in fact, that the game would feel incomplete without those nifty extras.

The graphics are spectacular, being mostly pixel art. The only complaint I have is that the water areas have graphical issues, primarily that the tiles don't cut off but instead there are blocky shapes surrounding the edges of every little pool. I can understand their reasoning, however -- they wanted to release it rather than continue to be stuck in development, fixing every little glitch and obsessing over every detail until losing interest and moving on with life. Considering that it's a free game, at least on PC, this one little thing wasn't much of a problem for me. I'll happily put up with it until a patch is released, or until I beat the game, whichever comes first.

The music fits well and is extremely good. It isn't distracting, but when you notice it it's always a good feeling, it just adds that little extra touch and reminds you how much time and effort was put into this game.

Gameplay is varied and interesting; the primary reason for this is the RPG aspect, whereby you can collect coins and purchase upgrades for Frogatto.

All in all, a great little game that is filled with hours of enjoyment. I highly recommend it.

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