Sunday, February 6, 2011

DD: Fun and Quick Adventures

Any dungeoneers out there? Well you're in luck. I've recently discovered this gem of an RPG-rogue-dungeon-brawler called Desktop Dungeons, DD for short. It boasts 10-minute gameplay, but it also contains intriguing strategy for those more ambitious gamers willing to stick it out and dig deeper into the game.

I actually have been playing it so much that I made a quick reference spreadsheet, which I will include in this post, that is basically an at-a-glance guide for many different aspects of the game.

Be warned - it is a very difficult and challenging game. Losing is far more common than winning, but like any true challenge, that's as it should be. If winning were easy, it would hardly be any fun. Wouldn't you rather lose in the best challenge ever than win in a complete massacre? I know I would, and it's that difficulty element, combined with unlockables and the deeper undercurrents of strategy, that give this game its true replay value.

Overall, highly recommended.

For those who might find it useful, here is my DD Quick-Ref.

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